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Ja’Loni Amor (JA LAW-nee uh-MOR) is an eighteen year old college student majoring in journalism and minoring in public affairs at Hofstra University. In addition to studying journalism and public affairs at Hofstra University, Ja’Loni is a well-seasoned activist, contributing writer for Affinity Magazine, and the founder and director of her own non-profit organization Concerned Students United Inc.

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Published Works

A Student Without Fear – My Black Matters (Oct 2015)

I Don’t Hate Taylor Swift I Hate Her Feminism – Affinity Magazine (May 2016)

Why Are Black Women So Damn Angry? – My Black Matters (June 2016)

White Women’s Love Affair With Melania & Ivanka – Affinity Magazine (May 2017)

White Supremacy Shouldn’t Be Allowed At Pride And I’m Done Explaining Why – Affinity Magazine – Affinity Magazine (June 2017)

Black America Does Not Want Ice Cream. We Want Justice. – Affinity Magazine (June 2017)



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